Passionate about Training? Looking for a platform on which to share your knowledge, connect with professionals, and enrich careers?


Waterleaf has wide network of world-class trainers and industry-experts across domains.


You will get a chance to train professionals , meaning increased visibility, and become part of the elite training community.


As a Waterleaf Group trainer, you will also get the revenue-sharing opportunity. You will be provided with a great training platform to showcase your practical knowledge and skills that you have acquired over a period of time.


  1. A great deal of passion for training and sharing knowledge.
  2. Domain expertise with relevant certifications.
  3. A commitment to develop and deliver best-in-class training.

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Job Captain from your college

We are building tomorrow’s leaders today through our Waterleaf Group Job captain program.

Responsibilities of Waterleaf Group Job Captain.

  • Official Job captain and representative of Waterleaf Group in your college.
  • Articulate Waterleaf Group’s USP to students of your college.
  • Maintain relevant database and submit at the end of the month.
  • Coordinate the execution of Waterleaf Group activities in your college.

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Why Waterleaf as a partner?

Student Assessment. An AI driven app based assessment solution that allows you to take assessment at any time & anywhere. A state of the art technology with facial detection feature that ensures fair assessment.

Campus Hiring Solution. We have a mammoth campus hiring solution where we give equal opportunity to students from tier 2 & tier 3 cities at zero cost based on our ethos of being a CSR initiative.

Pan India Presence. With strong corporate presence, we are an ideal destination for your students placement.

Video Resume. Here is your chance to create a video selfie and speak about your interests and skills to impress the employers in one go. Go beyond the traditional paper resume and embrace the new age technology.

Take Online Assessment. Our AI driven App based assessment platform tests your skills through 7 digit scores parameter. This helps you to strengthen your skills and employers across India view your scores to hire you for their vacant positions.

Apply for Jobs. Browse through thousands of jobs based on your skill set and apply for your dream job with just a click. We suggest you best jobs that fit your requirement based on your online assessment scores.

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