¤ Our state-of-the-art Candidate Database Management System helps to consolidate resumes from various sources and its unique search mechanism renders the most suitable candidates at the shortest possible time.

¤ Candidates once shortlisted are further subjected to rigorous validation to ensure that they possess the requisite ability, aptitude and personality to perform their tasks well.

¤ We strive to match our client’s requirement with extensively vetted candidates on both qualitative and quantitative levels.


¤ Whether you have a local need or your role requires a national reach, our team of seasoned recruiters consistently deliver a match for every search.

¤ We will help our clients to develop a customized and flexible workforce solution that addresses their needs.

¤ Only the best talent is presented and handed over to the clients.


¤ We understand the importance of client’s privacy whether you’re looking for a new opportunity or hiring a new talent. Our team ensure that your information is safe with us.

¤ Our consulting team is committed to maintain strong lines of communication throughout the hiring process and beyond.

¤ As your Hiring partner, we provide 24×7 client support, we manage the Recruitment and payroll processes for your employees so that you can focus more on your business.


How Does It Work

Our Consulting team gathers insights into a company’s current workforce and potential employees. This analysis allows us to understand what skill sets are required in the potential hires.
Once the right talent and skill sets are identified, we use our state-of-art Candidate Database Management System, Search in Portals, Search in Referral Networks, Social Media Profile Search and Passive Resource Search to hunt and match the skills
We at Waterleaf help our clients in finding the best talent. We hand over the talent pool, created after serious analysis and search and help the HR team of our clients in choosing the potential candidates.
When the match between skills and the requirements are identified, our team further carries out detail investigation, testing and validation of the prospect candidates to pick the ones who fit all criteria laid down. We assess each prospect candidates according to their qualifications, skills, competencies, roles and responsibilities
Once an individual is hired, the next step is enabling learning and development of the same so that he/she stays with the company and adds value. We facilitate our clients by providing training to the new hires on skills and expertise as required by his/her job.
Our Consulting Services.

Our Consulting services are extremely flexible.
You can pick the one that matches your requirement, time-frame and budget.

Permanent Staffing

We make every effort to provide industry-leading permanent staffing services. Our team of experienced and certified recruiters possess in-depth expertise, national and global reach and responsive market insight that provides a personal experience to candidates as well as clients. The best talents are picked for permanent staffing needs of various departments.

Payroll Outsourcing

By partnering with us, you gain access to our latest Payroll outsourcing service at no additional cost. Our consultants are always available to provide support and give you the advice you need. Outsourcing Payroll services can significantly save your time and money.

Training & Development

We have a pool of experienced trainers who provide guidance not only on soft skill development, branding and business ethics but also train new recruits on new and emerging technologies. We undertake training sessions of existing talent on new technologies to fulfil the present technological demands of the business.

HR Consulting

As HR Partners , our Consultants provide advice and expertise to address all your Human Resource issues such as, employee analytics and engagement, organization effectiveness, compensations, talent acquisition and management. We personally work with your HR team and guide them with strategies that can effectively contribute towards organizational development.

Campus Hiring

We take a multifaceted approach towards hiring. We organize placement drives in leading institutions and hire fresh talent from colleges. On-campus hiring helps in creating a pool of interns and entry-level workforces that will help grow your company and also improve retention rates.

Executive Search

As Waterleaf consultants we are committed to deliver more than just skilled professionals. This service focuses on recruiting senior level talents those who bring success stories to your company. Our consulting teams are built from within and across our core functional areas ensuring on-target skillsets.

Contract Staffing
→ Does your project require work force with specific skillset for limited time?
→ Is the project timeline demanding resource replacements and retraining?
→ Has your key employee gone on long leave?

Waterleaf Contract staffing services can easily address these critical needs. We are committed to being your key partner for these high-risk situations. Our consulting teams are skilled in handling various engagements varying from short-term staffing solutions to large-scale projects.

Master Vendor Services.

→ Are you struggling with multiple manpower suppliers, numerous invoices and escalating expenditure?

Waterleaf eases the process of talent acquisition by consolidating the supplier’s portfolio, thus bringing every element under one roof of the master vendor service. In this, you can enjoy higher savings and exercise better control over all the vendors. It acts as a single window to manage all your manpower vendors, with high level of transparency and extreme accuracy in billing and invoice generation.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Waterleaf’s exclusive RPO service will benefit you with cost reduction, quality hire and save time. This is an outstanding solution if you need a complete control over human and technical resources mixed up into the recruitment process. Our dedicated recruiters perform all recruiting functions with high level of accuracy, protection, flexibility and scalability.



At Waterleaf we work as a team. The spirit of “thinking and working together” resonates everywhere.